PixHawk 2.1 and 2 x Here GNSS GPS setup


I am struggling to find clear documentation on how to setup two Here GNSS GPS with PixHawk 2.1 cube while using mission planner.

is there a place where complete wiring diagram is provided down to nuts and bolts and how to set whatever parameters are need to be set inside mission planner?

thanks for your help.

Any takers…I am tired of trying to find the right info.

GPS devices are usually a combination of a GPS and a Compass chip. The GPS chip communicates with serial lines and the compass communicates with I2C. Each serial device needs it’s own RX/TX serial connection pair with the flight controller and each compass can connect to the I2C bus through a I2C bus expander. But each compass must be on it’s own I2C address and many available for sale are on the same duplicate address. The exact connections would depend on which carrier you are using for the Cube.