Pixhawk 2.1 Additional safety switch


Is this possible to use Here GPS(that has an inbuilt safety switch on top) and a separate safety switch?
There is a switch included in my PH kit wired to an “Y” loom that has a connection to GPS port. It has the same connector as Here GPS and there is no other port on PH that i could connect it to. How do i make it work?

Question #1) Why do you want a separate safety switch in addition to your Here GPS built-in one?

Question #2) If the Y-cable you’re describing is the one shown in this photo

then it connects an older GPS+Compass model, shown below, and adds a (stand-alone) safety switch to the Pixhawk 2.

Yes, this is the one shown on your photo, with a small stand-alone switch. I want to operate it from a different location. Is it possible to run both Here GPS and that safety switch? It is fine by me to disable the in-bulit switch on top of Here.

I understand what you’re seeking. I don’t know if there’s an easy solution… can someone else respond who might know more about how the safety switch works on the Here GPS?

The only solution I can imagine is physically disconnecting the safety-switch wires of the Here GPS, and soldering in some different switch (perhaps the stand-alone that you cut out of the other connector.)

I DO NOT KNOW if the switches are “the same” and can be cut-and-soldered in this manner… but it’s an idea. Maybe others can verify-or-deny this possibility before you cut any wires?

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Any update on this?

My GPS will be inside the vehicle so I would like to use a separate safety switch. Looking at the switch, it has just 3 cables: a red cable soldered in parallel to pin 1, and 2 cables connected to pin 6 and 7. I’m wondering if I can substitute pins 6 and 7 from the HERE gps, and solder in parallel to the red pin, to make it work.

I got a reply from proficnc tech support clarifying this. You can substitute the integrated switch of the HERE GPS for an external safety switch, by switching the correct pins. Here is the pinout.

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