Pixhawk 2.0(Solo Cude) +which breakout board

I have the full collection of ardupilots right from the very beginning, now I’m looking at
changing the hardware on my tarot 650 frame from pixhawk 1 to ???.

I have two 3dr solo’s, I have taken one apart and I was hoping to use the 3dr solo cube module out of
it. I understand this is the pixhawk 2.0 and the I see pixhawk2.1 for crazy money.

But I don’t know if there is a breakout board to match. Sorry to be asking but ardupilot is flooded commercialized
products. I see reference of a 100 euro just for a bare breakout PCB, I don’t know will even match. It seems gone
are the days of ardupilot being about the hobby building and flying with opensource hardware and software.

Any links for information , would be really great, Hope you can help, thanks in advance, rgs steve

you cannot run arducopter on the solo 2 stock cube
It has to run a solo branch only, and run on the solo carrier board

You can get the 2.1 that will run master on solo
For a DIY, I would scrimp pennies somewhere else and put a good FC in it
the standard carrier board (non edison) and cube 2.1 is the way to go.
If your budget cant fit it in, stick with a PH1

Thanks Tim,

just a shame the solo cube cannot be used !

It is just not up to the task, that is why 3DR never moved It forward. when they hit copter with EKF2 it started doing weird things and rather than figure it out, they rolled the firmware back and exited stage left
There were other hardware reasons that the new green cube was designed
so solo can live on