Pixhawk 19200 baud mavlink telemetry

I have been fighting with the Parameters not loading with the baud rate lowered to 19600. does anyone know if the pixhawk does not transmit this slow of mavlink? it works fine at 57600 with a blue tooth chip. also I have used my 19200 baud rate system with a APM2.6 with no problems. giving me a case of the upgrade woes… any perspective will be greatly appriciated! The long range telemetry setup is ULRS.

You need to change telemtry speed. It is 57600 as default on all ports.
Your telemtry speend needs to natch your bluetooth speeds

Right. I have changed serial 1 to 19 or in other words 19200 and I am receiving information from fight controller but I can not send any information to the flight controller. I’m wondering if the pixhawk is able of receiving 19200 baud telemetry and if when you change the baud rate it is only changing the transmitting rate or am I having a problem with something else?