Pixhawk 1 won't safe frame class

ran recently into an issue with my pixhawk running 3.5 rc-4. No matter what i try, reflashing, erasing, formatting the flash card, the pixhawk won’t safe the Frame Class parameter. It always switches back to “Heli” after a reboot.
First encountert this in the field and the copter gave full output on only one motor causing it to flip and brake one motor mount. Killed my hexa, now it is only a quad left.

Has anyone else this issue? There are obviosly no logs because this is no inflight error i guess

You flashed the heli version, so it will always revert back to heli.

If you used QGC to flash you MUST pay attention to the flashing dialog box that reverts by itself to Heli.

see this

oups… how stupid I am…
Now I see the problem. And now i see, that there is only Heli Firmware in the dropdown for beta. Any suggestions how i can flash 3.5 rc4 Copter?

No. All the frames are there.

Change the first dialog box, then select, on the 2nd dialog box, beta, and back on the first dialog reselect multicopter…

there’s a issue open for that on QGC :slight_smile:

well, tried and always back to Heli Firmware… hope 3.5 will be stable firmware soon

@Niels You are probably using QGC stable version. You need to use the daily version with 3.5 or it won’t work correctly.

Process done with latest QGC