Pixhawh documents etc

I don’t find much of schematics.

Lot of 404.
Did it turn into money?

I would like to reverse that.
Long experience with both schematic / layout and stm32 family.

Would be great if this project could have some hardware that was default hardware and open.
Ready to help.

First hit in google for “pixhawk schematics”: https://github.com/PX4/Hardware

I don’t find any schematics.
Atleast not for later versions.
Just pinout and high level docs.

Or am I wrong?

Under the FMU folders, there are .pdf schematics. I know nothing about them so I don’t know which are current, etc. but they are there.

Your google-fu is weak… better work on it :smiley:https://github.com/proficnc/The-Cube

ok but how does the cube relate to the px4 family ?

in functionallity / generation vise ?

the px4 goes in versions/generations.
later versions are not public, no schematic.
Only basic info.

Well, it is quite simple.
If you willing to stick with real open source solutions go with the Cube and ArduPilot.
PX4, and anything that has direct relations with dronecode is no longer considered opensource on its real meaning.

for further reading : ArduPilot and DroneCode

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I will do an open design based on cube then.

Cube seems to be an earlier px4/pixhawhk design 2.xx

So in essence px4?

broken 404 link to docs.