Pixhack v3 : second internal compass not detected with 3.5.4


The pixhack v3 board is build with 2 compass : LS303D & MPU9250
AC 3.4.6 detect them both without any issue
AC3.5.4 only detect one compass.

I tried to get the console log of both release.
3.4.6 console : 3.4.6.txt (3.8 KB)
3.5.4 console : 3.5.4.txt (2.7 KB)

Any idea on what’s wrong with this board + AC3.5 ?

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This has been happening on Pixhacks since 3.5.0 came out.

I’ll tag @rmackay9 to have a look if he has time.

I just carried on flying mine with two compasses but it is a mystery why the second onboard compass disappeared when 3.5.0 was introduced.

First reported back before this post. Copter-3.5.0 has been released

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Hi, i have same situation, pixhack v3, ac3.5.5, only detects 1 on-board compass and 1 external.
Is it worth it to go back to ac3.4.6?