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PixFalcon RSSI on OSD EZ UHF 4 Channel lite

(Chris ) #1

Hi All,

I have searched the web a fair bit to find any information but seem to be drawing a blank.

Has anyone managed to set-up RSSI through the PixFalcon to an OSD using Channel 4 on an Immersion 4 channel lite ezUHF Receiver. (I am running PPM Muxed though channel 1 on the RX)

It seems simple enough for pixhawk and APM but I can’t find information for the pixfalcon, which I understand runs RSSI differently to pixhawk…

Thanks for any advice



(Shawn) #2

I use this with a pixfalcon, taranis/X8R and minimOSD as a round-about way to get RSSI on the OSD using a spare RC channel

(Chris ) #3

Than you very much for the advice, I will go have a read through.