Pixfalcon and gimbal servo help

UPDATE: I figured it out myself while reading through my text and the doco, and corrections included below

Pixfalcon, X quadcopter, Arducopter 3.5.4
Servo for camera tilt on main servo out 6 (no other servos or camera controls used)
MNT_DEFLT_MODE 1 this was the mistake, see more below


  • gimbal tilt is stabilised by the Pixfalcon on main servo output channel 6, no RC input required
  • avoid using RC6 for gimbal control, currently RC5 and RC6 channels are mixed in the transmitter for Flight Modes, I don’t have any spare channels at this stage


  • Tilt servo works OK manually when I set SERVO6_FUNCTION to 1 (RC pass-through) or 56 (RCIN6) but is not stabilised
  • Setting SERVO6_FUNCTION to 7 (gimbal tilt) produces no effect what-so-ever, even if I also set MNT_RC_IN_TILT to 6 - I checked in logs too in case the servo wasn’t responding to input

Help please, I’m hoping I’m just missing some parameter…

  • Yes, MNT2_DEFLT_MODE needs to be 3 RC Targeting and everything now works as expected. I also have MNT_RC_IN_TILT disabled so RC6 wont interfer

Is it even possible to have gimbal servos on main servo outputs, since the Pixfalcon doesn’t have AUX outputs?

  • Yes, even a standard old servo works. As per the doco, critical functions should probably use a digital or high-reliability servo of some description

If gimbal stabilisation is not possible without dedicated RC channels, where is the limitation? (software or hardware?)

  • The limitation was human error in this case, no Pixfalcon or Arducopter faults at all

Leaving all this here as a reference for others, might see if I can update the documentation at some point to better explain the MNT_DEFLT_MODE differences.

How did you get the MNT2_ parameters to even show in the list? They are not in mine and I can not figure out how to get them in there.

Not sure how that “2” got in there, it should just be MNT_DEFLT_MODE

MNT2 paramaters appear in the docs now, so they must be part of the new 3.6 version of copter that’s still in testing.
I just checked and MNT2 is not in the version 3.5.7 I’m using, and I’ve got MNT_DEFLT_MODE set to 3.