Pix 2.1 Crossfire telemetry can't receive "params" by mavlink

Hi Guys,
i switched from a Px4 Auav x2 to pix 2.1 the cube.
I use the crossfire system for mavlink telemety.

On pix 2.1 i get connection by bluethooth on mission planner V3.5.5 but WITHout to receive “params”

With changed sr0 / sr1 like shown. I also tied to use mavlink2 instead of mavlink1.

Has somebody any idea ?

Thanks in advance ! !

pix2.1 crossfire telem problem.param (13.5 KB) (not fown yet)

I never succeded in getting a stable Bluetooth connection between Win10/MP and Crossfire. But that could be a driver issue in my Notebook, and I did not investigate this any longer.

In my case, I’m using a Raspi0W (mounted to the back of my Taranis) to connect Crossfire via Bluetooth and routing the Mavlink to any device in my existing ground wlan. Using Mission Planner with UDP or TCP running on an Win10 notebook works without any problems. QGroundControl with an Android tablet is also no problem, and a Ardutracker works too.

So I have mavlink telemetry and video (grabbed from a 5,8Ghz ImmersionRC receiver by a Raspi3 in the Ground Station) on any Devices.

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what range do you get with your mavproxy solution?
My telemetry works well in close range but when I am about 100m away it will stop working until bluetooth reconnect… (Windows 10 notebook).