Pivot_Turn_Angle same as WP_Pivot_Angle..?

New to the forum. Working on a aion r1 rover with the goal of ag work on our small farm. I recently updated to 3 f9p gps with moving base, fixed base, etc. GPS yaw is working well and rover is accurate to within a few cm. I did however lose the pivot_turn_angle parameter in mission planner as well as the rover no longer pivot turns. Has this been replaced by wp_pivot_angle or is something corrupt and I should have both parameters? Many attempts to reflash have not helped. Rover 4.0 and 4.1 have the same results. Obviously if they are the same parameter I then have to figure out why GPS yaw is causing a lack of pivot turn but it seems prudent to first make sure I don’t have a missing parameter. Documentation seems to state they should both be present.

Hi @scottedwa2
The correct parameter that you have to set to get pivot turn is: WP_PIVOT_ANGLE
see documentation here: https://ardupilot.org/rover/docs/parameters-Rover-stable-V4.0.0.html#wp-pivot-angle-waypoint-pivot-angle

Please note that this parameter has to be set to be greater than 10 degrees for it to work

Great help, thanks. I’m thinking my lack of pivot turning may be due to the compasses being disabled.

So it doesn’t seem to be a compass issue. Hours of tuning and trials with no success. The rover turns with one side stopped in a tight radius but won’t reverse the stopped side. It was doing pivot turns prior to the update to 4.0 from the aion firmware, the dual cuav c-rtk 9p installation, and GPS yaw setup. Meanwhile between waypoints it holds to the navigation by centimeters which is working great. Does anyone have similar issues?

Yes, same setup with GPS RTK yaw. However in my case it seems like the problem was the minimum throttle parameter along with the current throttle input from the controller when in auto mode. Strange, but hey workable :slight_smile:

the same problem is there is no WP_NAV_ANGLE parameter.I use an airplane .