Pitch tuning for change in CG

Hi Guys,

I have a plane that is tuned nicely and flying very well. Last weekend I did a endurance test and changed the battery for a much larger one. This shifted the CG forward a bit. On Auto takeoff I noticed that the plane wanted to pitch down a little but then flew off and did the next 48 minutes without a hitch until Auto Land.

Looking at the Logs later, I noticed that Nav Pitch and Pitch are now off by -+10 degrees. (See picture attached)
How can I change this without retuning the plane?
Could I trim the plane up a few clicks and then redo a radio calibration?
Would changing the AHRS_Trim parameter do anything?
I often change the payload of my plane, and experiment with different batteries and would therefore not like to re tune and trim my plane every time.
Thank you


The PTCH2SRV_I gain can be used to drive the aircraft pitch to the nav pitch. There is a tuning procedure in the manual.