Pitch reversed in acro after flips

Today I tried acro, moved pitch/roll acro P to the max 10 and added 80% expo to pitch/roll.
Even at rate 10, flips are not fast enough…

2 time after I flipped somehow the pitch got reversed, almost crashed, moved to stabilize and it helped, the quad leveled and the pitch returned to normal.

I was using Acro with Acro trainer for leveling only.

Attached is the log, I couldn’t see the problem, I hope I have the right one.

The log in txt file and a snapshot from where I think I see it pitching in the wrong direction just before I move back to stabilized.

Hi Sevet,

Could you try to reproduce the problem with RCin and RCout turned on. I can’t tell from your logs if you commanded the pitch in that direction or not.

I can however tell you that your copter is being limited by the copters physical ability to accelerate in roll, not your commanded rate. I can see that your copter is being told to move but is unable to get up to speed quickly enough to follow your command.

I can also see you have quiet bad vibrations however this could be because you have set your filter to 98 Hz. I would not expect your Alt Hold to do well.