Pitch reverse in Pixhawk or RC?

Hi together,
I am relatively new to copters and build a 780 Quad based on Tarot with Pixhawk 2.4.8 with Taranis QX7 with Open TX 2.2.1. After several crashes regarding first flight (nothing serious but several 14" 4.7 blades :-)) I think I found the major problem and now I am ready for first crashless flight.
One question is open:
In several forums and videos I have seen that Pitch should be reversed for correct function. Some say it should be reversed in RC others say you have to reverse it in Pixhawk with parameter RC2_REVERSED (1). If I do it in Pixhawk, the RC calibration does not show the reversed function, setting it in RC it shows reversed function.
My question: Do I have to Reverse Pitch and if yes better in RC or in Pixhawk?
Thanks for your kind help and support,

I do it on the transmitter on the Outputs Screen of OpenTx. Invert Chan 2.

Thanks Dave, I’ll do so

u also got the option to change RC2_reversed to 1