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Pitch Oscillating Problem in Auto Mode

Hello everyone.
I was flying in auto mode all the time and I had never encountered pitch oscillation in any flight. But in this flight that I using the pitot tube, the plane did a lot of pitch oscillation. These oscillations were rapid and high enough to be noticed. What could cause this situation?

I added the flight logs, I would be glad if you could help.
Also the plane takes off with hand launch.

There’s a lot of oscillation in the pitch I-term. But I can’t see why adding a pitot tube would cause that. I’m assuming it was flying well before the pitot tube? Did you fly around with the airspeed auto-calibration on before this flight? The airspeed data looks very jittery, but I don’t know if that’s the cause of the oscillations, or the result.

I’d suggest looking at the data with the pitot tube installed, but not being used (ARSPD_USE = 0). See what the airspeed data looks like and see if the oscillations are still there. I’m not clear on how the two are connected but that would be easy troubleshooting to rule it out.

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