Pitch Control Reversed - Full house glider


I’ve setup my full house wing glider with DSPOILER_OPTS = 3 ( Pitch control & full span) but when I’m pulling the up stick the spoilers goas up instead of down and I can’t find a way to reveres them.

I’ve tried to revers RC2 and then revers CH2 in the remote control but the problem is that in this condition, the FC correcting pitch down when the nose is pitching down (instead to pitch up).

If someone know the right way to correct it please help.

Thank you

Just to clarify, this is a flying wing as opposed to a regular glider with separate wing and tail?

By “pulling the up stick” do you mean pulling the elevator stick on the transmitter towards you? If so, then wouldn’t you expect all of the control surfaces to go up (in order to raise the nose)?

Hello Chris,

It’s a glider with tail.

Yes, By pulling back I mean pulling the elevator stick on the transmitter to me (UP).
At the main wing the action is opposite to the elevator so when the elevator goas up the wing control surfaces should go down.

Thank you

If you’ve got a separate tail with rudder, then I think you’d want to set DSPOILR_RUD_RATE to zero.

As per the docs for DSPOILER_OPTS you probably want to set bit 0 to 0. You may want to set bit 2 to 1 in order to get crow braking.

As for the wing control surfaces going down when the elevator goes up, that’s usually called “snap flaps”. I don’t think ArduPlane knows how to do that. You may want to start a new thread about whether it’s possible to do snap flaps in Ardupilot.

Hello Chris,
I’ve tried to set the “snap flaps” for manual flight with the RC mixers but the Ardupilot is trying to set the crow and the surfaces is completely wrong.
I don’t think Ardupliot can be used for F5J glider with all the needed functions but I will open a new thread for it.

Thank you very much

I have the same problem.
It is possible to reverse the pitch if you change left and right.
At the same time, all deviations for ailerons and elevator work correctly.
But the crow’s flaps change direction, the inner ones rise - the outer ones fall.
I went ahead and changed the output from inner to outer.
At the moment, all deviations work correctly for pitch roll and flap.
But at 50%, the outer flaps rise instead of lowering the inner ones.
How to reach the developers to add a reverse elevator option for full house wing?

DSPOILR_RUD_RATE - can be reversed by negative value, but elevator can`t be reversed(

We need the ability to make a reverse elevator in a full house wing, but so that this parameter does not affect the elevator in the V-tail or regular elevator output.
Thank You!

Does anybody reading this?

Reverse servo 2 in the Parameters under setup will work, The one in the radio cal at times will not work,

if I do servo revers it will work incorrect in stab or fbwa