Pitch and Yaw deflection of elevon servos

I’ve been asked to help out with this problem.

The user is building a fixed wing with v-tail. They noticed that the “rudder-elevator” servo deflection is much greater in yaw than it is in pitch

I don’t know what flight mode was used for the test. I’ve not built a v-tail, but my guess is that in MANUAL flight node, there should be full “rudder-elevator” servo deflection for both pitch and yaw.

Am I correct about this assumption?

Perhaps if the user was in a FLY BY WIRE mode, the difference in pitch and yaw deflection might exist.

Would someone please offer some suggestions on understanding why the rudder-elevator servos deflect less in pitch than in yaw.

Thank you!


They probably want to adjust the MIXING_GAIN. Default is 0.5, but on several V-tails I’ve had to push that up to 1 to get things to move the way I wanted.

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