Pitch and Throttle tuning

What is the correct hovering position for traditional Heli at the moment mine is hovering at about 75%

There is no ‘correct hovering position’, it is up to you what you like or not. To get reasonable flying times I set the rpm as low as possible, but with enough climb rate (yes you are the judge what is ‘enough climb rate’, but having 1 m/s climb rate is not enough :slight_smile: ). The collective range should be >= 10° (I prefer more) for the FC.
Now you can decide if you can live with the stick position or if you want to bend the output to have 75% while the stick is centered.
You should set throttle mid and land colllective minimum parameters.

I am happy with the 75%. The machine does in stab and loiter but in Loiter it drops the RPM quite a lot. I need to look at the logs and do a bit me tuning. So far I am happy with the way its all going.Thanks again

I never had a problem using Loiter as I prefer PosHold :slight_smile:
Usually I go from Acro --> Stabilize --> AltHold --> PosHold --> RTL --> Auto when tuning. The logs can teach you a lot. IMHO one should not set P or D too close to the limit as thinner air can/will lead to oscillations. If you tune to the limit at sealevel it will oscillate at 2000m, tuning at 2000m and flying at sea level is no problem. Always tune at the highest rpm you want to use.