Pinout 3DR GPS (LEA6H) V1.1 , V1.2?

Since the APM PinOut of the GPS differs from Serial 3 of the PIXHAWK*, I have to build some new cables. I did not find any PinOut for the 3D Robotics V1.1, V1.2

Two Questions:

  1. I need to know, whats at1-6

  2. Is the PinOut of the V 1.2 identical ?

*[quote]For all connectors pin 1 is on the right in the above image.
Serial 1 (Telem 1), Serial 2 (Telem 2) and Serial 3 (GPS) Pins: 6 = GND, 5 = RTS, 4 = CTS, 3 = RX, 2 = TX, 1 = 5V.[/quote]

This is a bit confusing, since the 2.3 schematics points out two can (can_2 RX,TX ) instead of RTS CTS at Serial 3

Quote from … -overview/

PS: It is still pretty inconveniant to limit the pic size to 600px . This is the only forum, where I have to resize 1200px jpgs.

Hi there

I had the same question.
I recently bought an APM 2.6 board and external GPS+Compass, but I was concerned about the cable provided to me.

This (more recent) post has a great wiring diagram which may help answer our questions:

Hope that helps!

Hi gervais,

The pinout of the ublox V1.1 numbers order according to your picture:

1 - Not connected
2 - GND
3 - TX-O
4 - RX-I
5 - 5V
6 - GND

Pixhawk pinout: … or_Diagram