Pinion and Props LOCKED

Sooo, after my first almost runaway, my Skyviper went through some “who knows what” situations on it’s fight flight that upon getting close to returning to launch pooped out in the middle of a field.
After using my cell phone to trace my proximity to it’s wifi signal, I find it, pick it up, inspect it, and find that the 2 rear props won’t spin. They are locked in place. The pinion doesn’t seem to want to rotate… I’m not sure where to go from here, and I wanted to make sure I took the right steps first.

Could anyone give me an opinion of what I should do?

~The Brier Fox

Your brushed motors burned out. Probably from being partially obstructed and it taking a few seconds for the software to failsafe and turn the motors off.

The brushed motors are inherently very fragile. Sorry for your loss.

You can find information in this thread on some motors that will work if you’re interested.

You can buy new ones from SV (if they are ever in stock) here:

Has anyone had success removing the pinion gear from a SV motor and installing on a replacement?

I did. They just pull off the shaft. They are a 13t pinion.