Ping2020(i) not showing traffic?

Has anyone got a ping2020i installed and working?

I’ve got it on telem 2 port, serial2_baud = 57, serial2_protocol =2, sr2_ADSB = 5 (why isn’t serial 5 available on these options? I wanted to put the adsb on serial 5), rebooted, led flashing (though I can’t tell which thanks to them being buried in the red case, beneath the opaque gps receiver…)

no traffic in Mission planner… despite being across the street (literally, I can see the tower) from a controlled airport.

I know the PingRX needs MAVLINK1 (serial2_protocol = 1) for proper operation. This probably translates to the Ping2020i as well.
You can confirm this via this page.

I would also double check the RX/TX pins, as uAvionix once had an issue of reversing them on their supplied Pixhawk 2.1 cables.

I have a Ping2020i in front of me (yet to go in a plane and untested), so I can help step through it at a later time if necessary.

I had seen the thread on the pin reversal, and gave that a shot, can’t say either way which works, though the docs supplied make me think the pins did need reversing, but I cut up my cable to connect it to serial 5 (before learning that wouldn’t work) so I can’t be sure. Their docs say use protocol mavlink 2, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was wrong somehow. I didn’t try mavlink 1 so I’ll give that a shot.

Let me know how it goes and I’ll do the same.

What ArduPilot FW version are you using ?

arduplane 3.8.5, good question. 3.7 added the ping2020

Ah, you seem to be right for the MAVLINK2 setting. It is even mentioned on the same page I linked, further down.

That said, also check your stream rate (SR1_ADSB) to ensure it is able to send things to Mission Planner properly.

yup, default seems to be 5hz

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So I swapped mavlink 1 and 2 and it didnt affect anything that I could tell, re-insured I had the rx and tx lined up too. Called the tower and they are picking me up when in TX, so thats good. Also realized I was using 115baud before and its supposed to be 57, but that didn’t seem to affect it either way.

are you able to see live traffic in mission planner? and are you able to do the following " To test the system you can compare with flights shown on
I have the ping2020 W/ FYXnav-B and I’m not having good results, I parked 1500’ from the airport radar tower basically in the front yard and I do not see me on this site or ANY ads-b service.
" Uavionix ping2020 W/PingNav Baro ADS-B setup " my post

seeing traffic in MP is the problem I’m having, I was able to call my airport and I showed up on their system, but I didn’t show in flightradar24. Maybe a filter set to not display ground aircraft?

I can confirm that grounded aircraft generally do not display in flightradar24.

I am in a building right next to the airport with 20+ active transceivers (mostly light GA), and I can see them all via PingRX, but they’re no-shows for flightradar24.

idk, this is very frustrating as it has super simple setup instructions, its making me feel dumb…

Uavionix tech support said…

"The autopilot will always win. The customer has 2 configuration sources. The FYXnav and the autopilot. It needs to be one or the other and not both.

I would recommend setting the MP serial port to use Mavlink 1. I think that will resolve the configuration conflict.

That would be


Alternatively, they could remove the TX wire from the autopilot to the back to the ping2020 4 pin JST. This would allow them to use the 2020 as a receiver with MP and still configre via the FYXnav.”

do u get two connection options in mission planner at all after connecting?

I hadn’t noticed… I’ll check next time I play with it