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Ping ADS-B receiver data on flight screen

(Anthony) #1


Could it be possible to show the most relevant data of airplanes detected by the receiver like altitude, heading and speed together with the plane on the flight data screen?

I have installed the Ping ADS-B receiver on the quad plane but I only see the plane symbols without any data.

(Michael Oborne) #2

as a popup on the plane icon? or a list style format?

(Anthony) #3

As a popup on or next to the plane with 3 values:


Continously visible.

Thank you.

(Anthony) #4

Or even better if it is configurable. Like if you want the info yes or no, or what info you would like to see, metric or imperial, etc.

(David Boulanger) #5

I seem to remember getting some information if the cursor is put on the plane icon.

(Anthony) #6

Yes, but it’s gone almost instantly and it means one has to mouse over every object. The info shown currently is only call sign and altitude, but written together.

(Anthony) #7


This is a good example. Unfortunately, in the free version can only show 1 label. But I’m sure you understand. The labels are black text on yellow background for extra visibility. You can also see a small arrow at the altitude showing ascending or descending. Hope this helps.

(Jace McCown) #8

a lot of aircraft displays show altitude with a relative indicators like an up or down arrow to indicate climb/descent, and +/- to indicate above or below your altitude, this allows rapid SA with just a glance