Ping ADS-B receiver data on flight screen


Could it be possible to show the most relevant data of airplanes detected by the receiver like altitude, heading and speed together with the plane on the flight data screen?

I have installed the Ping ADS-B receiver on the quad plane but I only see the plane symbols without any data.

as a popup on the plane icon? or a list style format?

As a popup on or next to the plane with 3 values:


Continously visible.

Thank you.

Or even better if it is configurable. Like if you want the info yes or no, or what info you would like to see, metric or imperial, etc.

I seem to remember getting some information if the cursor is put on the plane icon.

Yes, but it’s gone almost instantly and it means one has to mouse over every object. The info shown currently is only call sign and altitude, but written together.

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This is a good example. Unfortunately, in the free version can only show 1 label. But I’m sure you understand. The labels are black text on yellow background for extra visibility. You can also see a small arrow at the altitude showing ascending or descending. Hope this helps.

a lot of aircraft displays show altitude with a relative indicators like an up or down arrow to indicate climb/descent, and +/- to indicate above or below your altitude, this allows rapid SA with just a glance

Dear Michael,

Any idea when this can be available?

when i get some time to add it. priority’s are uavcan atm.

@Verloop: if it helps a bit: if you click on the plane icon when it shows the little popup, the popup stays there. You can do it with all planes around you. Then you see at least the altitude of the planes. :slightly_smiling_face:
But I agree that a bit more info would be very useful! Where do you use the ADSB? I found that it my region (Germany) it is pretty much useless, because all planes I see are in an altitude of 10000 m. So I am building myself an OGN/FANET+/FLARM tracker. Because this is what gliders and motorplanes obviously use.

I’m flying in Thailand. Most planes here have adsb. In my opinion, something is better than nothing…

Dear Michael. I noticed the improvement in the latest update from mission planner. It now shows call sign, altitude, speed and heading. Thanks for that.

Only 1 more thing, to make this info visible all the time, maybe selectable as an option.

Will that come soon?

We can make it visible by clicking on the plane when the info shows up, but that’s very tricky.

i think it would have to be an option, as i don’t think displaying it all the time is useful to all

Yes, I totally agree… Can it be an option in mission planner settings?

Is there already some plan to integrate it. I noticed in the latest MP it isn’t.

Bump Please, I would like to know if this is still being added as a feature. I would love an option to toggle ADSB tags on and off. I work for uAvionix and need this feature for ADS-B data logging and playback.

Any update on this? I really need the option to enable ADS-B tags in a telemetry playback so they are always displayed. The scroll over method in place now it extremely buggy and does not work very well at all.

I would also like to see it, of course as an option to be switched on. Any plan to integrate in the near future?

Hi Michael. Just wanted to ask you if there is any progress on this. The reason being:

  1. Anyone who puts an ADS-B receiver on his plane would like to see the data. Otherwise, why put on a receiver… :slight_smile:

  2. When there are 2 or 3 planes in the air, it is pretty impossible to click on them and get the info. By the time you’re ready to click, they are already in the next position. Then, try that with 3 planes… :frowning:

So it would be really nice to see it by default, if you set an option.