Pin connections for Tilt-Rotor quadcopter using Pixhawk

I’m designing a quadcopter with tilt-rotor but am unable to figure out to which pins of my Pixhawk I should connect my motors to and to which I should connect my tilting servos.
I am planning to use 1 servo per motor and not using anything except the 4 motors of a Quadcopters and 4 servo motors to tilt them forward and backward.

What parameters should i set, other than ‘Q_ENABLE’,‘Q_FRAME_CLASS’,‘Q_FRAME_TYPE’

Take a look at will give you all the infromation on how to setup the motors

Thank you. However it does not have any information as to connect which PORT to which component. Any help on that?

In the paragraph labelled explains what you need to do in my case i decided to plug my tilt motors into Channel 9 and 10 on mission Planner SERVO9_FUNCTION=41.and SERVO10_FUNCTION=41. and motors into outputs 5 to 8
With Mission Planner you can set any output to any function

Thank you very much .