PILOT_ACCEL_Z: Pilot vertical acceleration parameter is not accurate?

hello everyone.
my setup
fc: matek f405 se (MatekF405-Win 003D0059 42525008 2039304)
firmware: ArduCopter V4.1.1 (01d1aa1e) quadrotor

in older firmware versions althold reactions was very good. inspite no change in PILOT_ACCEL_Z=(1000) parameter vertical ascent or descent reactions are very sluggish in this firmware.
here is log file

thanks in advance

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I am using KakuteF4Min FC
PILOT_ACCEL_Z = 250 The vertical rise or fall response is very slow despite the change in the parameter.
Is there any other way?


PSC_JERK_Z: Jerk limit for the vertical kinematic input shaping

You have to try change the PSC_JERK_Z parameter from (default) 5 to 25 and observe the result.

PSC_JERK_Z : Jerk limit of the vertical kinematic path generation used to determine how quickly the aircraft varies the acceleration target.

this parameter change worked for me.

sakir polay