Piksi RTK Intergration


Trying to integrate a Piksi GPS board to give me RTK on my drone.Using Mission Planner-Pixhawk 2

I have the Piksi coming into the GPS2 port. Mission planner is recognising this and its giving me a Lat and Long in the “Status” tab with a GPS number 3. It is also notifying me in the “Messages” section that the GPS2 port has SBP messages coming from GPS2 at 115000 baud. So I think that the Piksi is integrated correctly and working as it should.

I have an account with Leica Smartnet and have been using my login details in the NTRIP option in “GPS Inject” which again seems to be working fine. I get all of the green bars coming up with the Base-GPS and Glonass boxing turning green.

The issue is the Piksi is not going in to RTK. It just stays at poistion level 3 (3D fixed).

Also there are red and blue LED’s that should light when the Piksi gets RTK and these are not activating either.

Any ideas would gratefully received!

Many Thanks


Take a look at the GPS_INJECT parameter.

Depending on what piksi you have it doesn’t support rtcm as a base.

Thanks for the responses guys. I have looked at the GPS_Inject settings and all looks correct (set to 1 for send to GPS2.

Michael Oborne- We purchased the Piksi Multi board about 3 months ago brand new. It says it will receive RTCM3 corrections on the website. Any ideas?

Thanks again


Have you tried the injection on the perfect, no obstructions scenario?

I had some similar issues and turned out that everything was as supposed to be, but I was getting a bad GPS signal due to either bad weather or my mere presence next to the antenna. Those helix antennas don’t like anything near them. I lose rtk fix on every 15+ degree banking using NTRIP.

Hope this helps

Does it work by itself?

Piksi Tools User Guide

for me it works.

did you go though all the settings?

Hi guys.

Thanks for all of the replies.

Pretty sure everything is setup ok.

Are any of you guys using an NTRIP client in GPS inject to send the RTK data to the drone or are you all using a Piksi as a ground station for your corrections?

Thanks again


Further to this. Reading the Piksi integration guide it indicates that you need to convert the RTCM3 string to SBP for the Piksi to receive it. Anyone have any info on how to do this/ if it’s possible?