Piksi Multi Integration with Arducopter v3.5.7

Hello all -

I’ve been attempting to integrate the Piksi Multi (firmware v2.1.14) with Arducopter (v3.5.7) running on a Pixracer board. Also using Mission Planner (1.3.58).

I’ve followed the documentation in the document provided by Swift Nav (integration guide) but so far have been unable to have the Piksi Multi recognized as the second GPS connected to the Pixracer - if I follow the steps in the guide.

I do see the Piksi recognized as a second GPS but the debug message that appears in Mission Planner is “GPS 2: detected as NMEA at 9600 baud.” This doesn’t agree with the integration document that says the message should be something like:

   GPS 2: detected as SBP at 115200 baud

SBP Driver Initialized

Further, the Piksi should be transmitting SBP messages and communicating at 115200 baud, not the 9600 reported in the message.

Any thoughts on why I’m seeing this debug message? Has anyone successfully integrated the Piksi multi with Arducopter on a pixracer?

Okay - small update. I got hold of a Pixhawk v1 board and the Piksi Multi integrates fine with the setup I have. So this looks to be a difference between the Pixhawk v1 and Pixracer builds… Anyone have an idea?

  • Jade