Piksi driver

As far as I am testing I cannot get the Piksi communication working as expected. If I’m wrong please correct me.
To have RTK functionality the Piksi should be connected as main GPS. (Another, fallback GPS, connected as GPS2.)
in MP status screen:
gpsstatus should show numbers (other than 1)
gpshdop should show numbers (other than 99,99)
satcount should show numbers (other than 0)

Although MP is showing values for lat and lng it says GPS: no fix and RTK is obviously not working as the rover position jumps around.

Would you please, please implement a fully working Piksi driver

Many, many thanks in advance
Mr Anders Wikström


Can you provide a little more context as to your setup? RTK is a differential technique that requires two receivers; do you have a Piksi operating as a base station? Did you configure this piksi to broadcast its position? Have you taken a look at the integration guide available from Swift Nav here: docs.swiftnav.com/wiki/Integrati … k_platform ?

Dennis (swift nav engineer)

I have 2 complete kits of Swift-Nav Piksi RTK systems.
The base station is connected to my Windows server and RTK is quite stable at times.

The other RTK unit is on my Rover. Connected as 1st GPS at 115kBaud on a 3DR Pixhawk
A second GPS is connected as Serial 4/5 at 115kBaud and is perfectly working

I have been through the Integrating Piksi with the Pixhawk platform several times although my setup currently has the GPS units shifted. It does not seem to be a problem as the result is the same, only the working GPS switches from GPS1 to GPS2 and back.

I have never been able to see
from the Piksi in Mission Planner Status view

I have collected pictures and files on my WEB-server: fuzzyfool.no-ip.com/APM_Rover/