Pidachieve and piddesire question

Hello, I want to ask a few questions for Rover:
1/ How can we find out what values affect piddesire and pidachieve?
2/ What do pidachieve and piddesire mean?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Giang_Dinh,

Welcome to AP.

I guess you’ve seen these tuning related wiki pages?

To get a rover driving well in any mode besides Manual the turn rate controller and speed controller normally need to have their PID gains adjusted.

The GCS_PID_MASK controls what controller’s PID inputs and outputs are sent to the GCS so they can be viewed in real-time. The piddesired will be the relevant PID controller’s target (e.g. a desired turn rate) and the pidachieve will be what the vehicle is actually doing (e.g. an actual turn rate normally taken from the EKF).

The piddesired comes from the pilot or autopilot (for example the transmitter stick positions). the pidachieved is the vehicle’s response to the controller’s output.

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