PID tuning The minimum and maximum settings of the RC6 option cannot be changed

I want to perform PID tuning using the “VR switch”, but I cannot change the minimum and maximum values ​​of “RC6 Option”.

Might just be a bug in that version of MissionPlanner. Ýou will find TUNE_MIN and TUNE_MAX in the full parameter list

Even if you change the value of the parameter “TUNE_MIN” and “TUNE_MAX”, it is not displayed.

How do I fix bugs?

It’s not really a bug. If you configured them in the Full Parameter list it will be active whether it shows in the Extended Tuning page or not. Update Mission Planner to latest beta from the Help screen. Button at the bottom “check for Beta updates”.

Pressing the “Check for beta updates” button solved the problem. Thank you.

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Any time you see a screen selection that is not active try updating to latest Beta. Mission Planner can lag in supporting the latest Ardupilot features. Or just get in the habit of configuring in the Full Parameters list.

Is it more secure to set in the “Full Parameters list”?

Not really more secure but it always works. The problem can be with the menu’s in the other screens is they are calling parameter names/formats and those can change with Ardupilot revisions. Or the value ranges can change.

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Thank you very much.