PID Tuning Problem Pixhawk 6c

Hey Guys

I will be extremely glad if someone can help me with this issue.

So l am using a Holybro s500 Kit with Pixhawk 6c flight Controller.

The tests for motors and calibrations are all done.

But when l am trying to do the first flight, it can not even fly and will crash after hovering few centimeters.

I will attach the PID parameters l did below.

Thanks in advance…

In MissionPlanner / Config / Full Parameter list
on the right hand side, select Holybro S500 and Load Presaved

This will present an opportunity to check or uncheck certain params, but you will want to accept them all.
That suits a 4S LiPo.
You should already have battery voltage monitoring enabled and working before doing this.

Let us know if you build is different.

Otherwise download a .bin log file (dataflasah logs) and then you can upload it to a filesharing service like Dropbox or Onedrive, and paste the link in here for us to check it out.


I tried to load Holybro-S500 parameters like you told me before, still can’t hover even with the throttle in the middle.

Need that .bin log file… or it’s guesses only.
What ESC’s do you have? Ones that came in the Holybo kit or something else?


ESC l am using is the one provided by Holybro S500 Kit, ESCs - BLHeli S ESC 20A

The new error message is attached below

No one can help much without a .bin log file.
If you are not getting to fly at all, then set LOG_DISARMED=1 to generate a log file.
Remember to set that back to 0 before long or you end up with giant logs you dont need.