PID Tuning on APM2.5 with 3.2.1 Firmware

Just a quick question for the more experienced folks;

When tuning PID’s on a APM2.5 with 3.2.1 firmware, am I correct in assuming that the PID’s shown in the top row in Mission Planner only apply to Stabilize Mode? Those are set to 4.5 by default for the P value, and my quad-rotor has nice crisp handling in Stabilize.

However, when I switch to Alt Hold or Loiter, my aircraft suddenly becomes sluggish and very slow response to control input. The highest Mission Planner will allow me to set the P in the next row down is 1.0 in Loiter, for instance. I’m sure I’m missing something, as I’m new to tuning an aircraft running ArduCopter. But in Stabilize I can get 50+mph out of my quad at full pitch. In Loiter the best she’ll do is about 12 mph and it handles horribly in the wind. The AutoPilot can’t even put enough pitch or roll into the aircraft attitude to compensate for 15 mph wind, so it won’t hold position in Loiter.

Thanks for any input on this…