PID tuning: large rover

I’m a first master student doing a project around autonomous driving in a tractor. We have a tractor with all the hardware installed. But we can’t figure out the right PID-settings for turn rate. We are using an old tractor (that already has a PID installed apart from the one used for ardupilot (pixhawk)). So we need a good understanding of what the PID of ardupilot does. The ardupilot site gives not much explanation about this. What if the PID is zero? What does it sends then to the tractor? Is the PID of turn rate coupled to that of speed 2 throttle because turn rate is dependend on the speed, no? Has anyone some PID settings used for a large vehicle that we can use as a starting point? Because using the ardupilot instructions on tuning the pid for turn rate won’t work for us. We are really desperate… Thank you!


you could try to only use feed forward (ATC_STR_RAT_FF).
This would only use a part of the steering input (from the user or the navigation controller of ardurover) to steer the vehicle, without reacting to any outside disturbances. I remember doing this with one of my rovers once, which used a betaflight FC for low level stabilization.


I’m facing same issue with large rover : past a lot of days trying to set the PID and… I can’t find good PID setting.

Do you find some solution for your PID ?