PID tuning and AGGRESIVE takeoff in GUIDED MODE

hello all, i have two questions:

  1. about the relation between P and I in the rate pitch/roll. are P and I supposed to be the same value? or is there a rule of thumb relationship between the two. in the default PID settings, in Roll/Pitch rate, P and I are the same, and in YAW I is 1/10 of P.
    i have a large Hexa-Copter im having trouble tuning.
    17 inch props
    6s lipo
    ESC xrottor 40 amp
    motors: T-motor mn5208 340 KV

my PID gains are:


Question 2:
when i take-off the hexa in GUIDED mode. the copter takes off really aggressively, it takes off really really fast like it jumps up into the air.
is there a way to make it take-off more smoothly?

Thanks in advanced.

In regards to question #2, there is not. I have been wanting something to adjust this, but nothing has come out. It just shoots off the first 8-10 feet and then has a nice steady calm climb.

Same here.i fly guided mode yesterday and take off was very aggresive.i need it degrade down before start fly this mode again.