PID parameters update inflight with Mission Planner

Hi guys, I want to finetune the pixhawk in my copter using the Mission Planner and data link. May I update the PID values in flight (not using CH6 but writing them and uploading) or it is a mandatory to land, change the values, take off and see how it goes? I saw an screen advide not to click the refresh values while flying in one of the setup screens but no idea if this advice is the same not only for refreshing the value screen but when writting the new value to be tested.
Thanks in advance

It works fine for me, but I do it only from APM Planner2, I also do that a lot…

Thenks for reply Andre. No idea if the plane and the copter use are different in any way. In my case and testing at home I can upload the parameters without problem but if I try to “refresh params” from the Standar params, Advance params, Full params list or Full params tree screens I get an advise for not to do this if I’m in the air. From the Extended Tunning screen I can click refresh without getting the advise. Do that happen to you too? That is what makes me be afraid to test in flight. May be it only cares while refreshing but the values can be updated from any if the mentioned screens and only refresh must be done once landed. How do you do that?

that’s something unique to Mission Planner. - you would not see it in any other GCS I am aware of.
Thr APM Planner - it visualizes very nicely changed and not uploaded, then uploaded values in full parameter list by coloring them by actual status.

I do not know any technical reason not to update/refresh parameters while flying
(except it’s usually not needed and it may take long time over slow link)
I would also never use anything Microsoft has made for anything that flies, but that’s me. :slight_smile:

If I remember well something simmilar happens or happened with Mikrocopter. May be while refreshing the MK board was reseted. Will try to upload only and if needed test the refresh from the advance params screen only that is the only one that shows no advise label. In any way as you say, in others screen the new value remains coloured so the refresh is not neccessary until the end of the flight once all the values are ok setled and validated. Thaks mate and have a nice new year entrance.

I used MK profesionally for years, modifying the little open source they have for the better, (mk-ctrl) for every new release.
MK is not comparable, just look at the way navi and ctrl change communication for nearly every version, (requireing OSD, and other integrated payload to be updated) and there is no error recovery.
It was great in the 90 's
With Ardupilot you are using Mavlink, a whole other ballgame when it comes to safety and interoperability.