PiccoloCAN doesn't output servo messages

I am using a Pixhawk 6C to run Arducopter V4.3.7. I am trying to use the CAN Bus to control an actuator that runs on CAN 2.0B frame protocol via PiccoloCAN but the CAN bus doesn’t seem to output servo messages. I only get CAN ID with empty HEX Data. Any idea what could be the problem? Thanks.


I see you already asked here for a similar question

Because this is a related to a particular Can Protocol - that we do not directly develop - I would suggest you try on the PICOLO forum as they might have more ressources than ArduPilot on this specific issue.

Thank @ppoirier for your reply. I appreciate it!

Is there a specific website you have in mind? I am having a difficult time finding the forum.

Unfortunately there is no much information available.
The only active manufacturer seems to be currawong engineering

Thank you very much @ppoirier