Photo numbers in survey grid

In the survey grid when I change the “sidelap%” the photo numbers change but if I change “overlap%” correctly change “distance between images” and “photo every” but not the number of photo.
Have you a solution or it’s a bug?

is working fine for me, you do have a camera specified?

Thanks Michael, after your answer, I verified and it’s true all work fine if “Distance between images” it’s more than 10m if you go under 10m the images count stop to work correctly.

you are correct. I have an explicit check to prevent anything under 10m

    if (spacing < 10 && spacing != 0)
            spacing = 10;

Thanks for the solution, but I am sorry, I understand nothing about programming. The solution for this “bug” it’s erase the lines that do this check or this line mast be put into MP?

why do you need a photo distance less than 10 m? the reason the code is there was to prevent a silly distance between wp’s

what is your use case?

One example it’s when I fly with micasense up to 60m with overlap of 75%

how low would it need to be? the reason for the limit is to prevent excessive wp creation, which in turn can cause mission planner to hang.

When I fly in zone with 30m AGL limit I take photo every 5-6m, so for me the lower distance it’s this.
But with cam_trigg_dist i don’t thinks that you have problem of excessive wp creation, It’s true?

I have try to decrease the value at 5 and all work fine but I have a problem in the installation of Vs15 and I can’t save the file.