Phase One iXM - Pixhawk Cube Integration

I wanted to open up a discussion regarding the integration of the Phase One iXM. This seems to be a popular request with a lot of end users and I feel it could benefit a lot of people out there using the Phase One sensors for the future.

Requested Functions:
Serial TTL converter from Flight Controller to RS232 for camera control
Setting Control (ISO, Shutter, Aperture, Focus, etc.)
Camera Trigger
GNSS NMEA stream input for geotagging images
Mission Planner, QGround Control Camera Interface for digital control of camera vs. manual control via remote buttons/ switches.

Looking forward to others’ input and interest on this topic.

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Do they give any api and documentation?

They do.

Download Link

Hi guys,

I´m setting up a Phase One IXU150 with a Pixhawk cube and Here + RTK.
I want to inject the GPS data direct to the camera and I´ve set up the serial 2 port as NMEA output at 115200 baudrate. I connect the power, ground and TX from Telem2 port to power, ground and TTL RX of a TTL to RS232 converter and from RS232 TX to RS232 RX camera port. But I have not GPS data on the pictures.

Do you know if I forgot something?


it would be helpful, if you could share us the comprehensive integration steps.

Looking forward to it.