Ph2 joule carrier?

Hi, is there any plan to change the edison carrier board to a joule? The joule has >50 times the performance of the edison and can undertake some serious work as a companion computer.
In addition, it is the reference platform for the realsense cameras which look really interesting for depth, slam etc.

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Have you got a link to the joule so we can do some reading about it?

Thanks, Grant.

Sure, here’s the main page at intel:
Here’s a comparison with the edison:
Here’s a bit about performance increase from edison, this benchmark runs 2.23 seconds on a joule vs either 225 seconds or 112 (doesn’t say if the edison figure was single thread):
Also the edison doesn’t have a GPU, whereas the joule has a very capable GPU including 4k encoding and opencv/openvx/vaapi support from intel (who recently bought the folks behind opencv).
The joule is also the reference platform for the RGBD realsense cameras, which have hardware ASICs for depth processing etc:
And decent opensource support:

Intel is doing some interesting stuff for the drone world.

Wow that does look good. The Joule seems to have 2 headers for connecting with. I can’t seem to find out if one of those is pin compatible with the Edison. Probably not though :frowning:

Thanks, Grant.

Joule runs hot from what I see. Needs heatsink cooling fan when using Realsense.

Yes, runs reasonably warm. I bought a little 25mm fan to blow across the top of the heatsink which does the job. Also usb3 swamps the local area with EMI when running realsense, would be nice if the alternative realsense connector was investigated for integration instead - perhaps it has better EMI characteristics. Otherwise it’s pretty much impossible to run GPS on the same drone, from my experiments so far.

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Thats not good to hear about EMI… I just recieved a Joule and ZR300 still sitting - trying to figure out the layout. I have the Here+ RTK GPS that I definitely don’t want to conflict. Im going to try some copper shielding mounted under the board and face the Joule away to see if that works (I have no background in shielding). That usb3 cable for the realsense should be shielded plug to plug might just leak at the connection point?

That fails after about an hour. I have the gumstix fan. Also plugged it into my pc to flash new bios and it blew out everything I had plugged into the usb ports of that computer. Keyboard sd card reader and a ZED camera. Numerous corruptions of the internal emmc resulting in no booting. The ZR300 is another heat source. If its stationary it gets hot quick. No way this is going inside the cube without massive fans. Meanwhile all 7 of the nvidias just keep on chugging along.

Oh no that’s no good WTH zapped your PC :confused: . What do you mean fails in about an hour? Shielding?

There is a major issue. A very sad news.

Intel discontinues Joule, Galileo and the Edison.