Persistent waypoint - how to edit or delete

Reinstalled Mission Planner on PC running Windows 7 last week. Latest stable version selected. Loaded program and connected to my 3DR IRIS. GPS window shows lines to waypoint and home position, though none were created by me.

These are persistent and return each time the program is loaded. These lines go out over the ocean and elicit concerns for the dreaded fly-away should “Auto” be selected.

How do you delete waypoints and reset home position? Can’t find any clear instructions in Mission Planner Wiki or online search.

I suspect there is a default waypoint file. If so, how do you find and edit it?

do you mean these lines? … ata-Screen

Yes, the yellow line marking the direct route to the next waypoint. This information is not stored on the PC, but must be on the IRIS, as it only appears when the RC craft is “Connected”.

In addition to the yellow line, there appears to be an orange or brown line, possibly to “Home”.

If this data is stored on the PixHawk, how can it be edited or deleted?

to clear the mission just upload a blank mission, if the yellow line is point north, that could be just the normal position for it defaulting to 0