Persistent Landing gear issue

@rmackay9 I’m starting a new thread even though this has come up several times because it’s be awhile and I don’t think it’s ever been resolved. I know one user went back to rc control to bypass the same issue. Gear behavior is set to 2 and as long as I launch in stab the gear retract on transmitter command as expected. However any time I change modes with thr transmitter the gear deploy. So if I change modes to poshold I have to toggle the gear switch to retract the gear and then if I change to auto or any other mode, the gear deploy. Matt suggested in another thread that it has to be in the transmitter setup and this makes sense as the gear do not deploy when modes are changed via GCS. My mode switches are logical switches and the gear switch is direct, I can’t come up with any cross talk or conflicts on the tx and this setup worked with previous versions of ap. I’m currently using master but has persisted through 3.5xx