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Persistent Bad AHRS

(RoboBill) #1

I’m testing 3.2 with the POZYX system and am constantly getting BAD AHRS. Eventually it goes away but I have no clue whats causing it accept maybe because I’m no using the regular 3DR GPS system.

Any help would be appreciated.



(Amilcar Lucas) #2

I think it is not happy that the compass, IMU and Pozyx deliver imconsisten data. Have you alligned pozyx with North ?

(RoboBill) #3

That makes sense, so I looked at the Arduino sketch that sends the POZYX data to the Pixhawk, The function send_vehicle_position (line 430 of appears to send just vector distances in the form of x, y and z relative to the 0,0 beacon. There is a YAW adjustment in the Pixhawk, but I think its just determining the angle of the vector relative to North. I did not recognize any instances of inertial or heading data being fed to the Pixhawk.

Maybe the Yaw variable I set in the Pixhawk is wrong.

Question: Is the Yaw adjustment relative to magnetic or true north?



(RoboBill) #4

OK 3.2 rc2 seems to have solved the BAD AHRS.

Thanks developers!!

(rmackay9) #5

Great news, sorry for the slow replies.