Persistant Prearm: Battery 1 unhealthy warning on kore carrier board

Hello guys,
I have a conventional VTOL fixed wing with Kore carrier board and orange cube. I have setup the battery monitor according the kore board docs.
I am getting an accurate measurement of voltage and current. However, the current reading on the HUD alternates from the right reading to 0 almost every second and the prearm error persists. If I force arm it, the error changes to Bad Battery warning. In the logs the current data is recorded accurately.

I have faced on similar issue on another Kore board on a quadcopter. I have tried changing the CURR_PIN and VOLT_PIN values based on suggestions from similar topics with no luck.

If anyone could give me any suggestion to get rid of the warnings, it would be very helpful.

Hi guys !

I have the same problem with the Kore board. The voltage and current reading is correct and verified independently. In the parameters all votage limits are set as well. I still get the bad battery error. I repeat just to make sure, all votage and current readings are corect ! Tested on multiple boards. It is a 12S/44V system. The parameter file is attached. Can somebody please review it if I omitted something obvious ? Interesting observation is when connected to lab power supply the error disappears at 24V input as if it was 6S system. The error shows on Mission Planner, QGC and Solex .

Albatross_LBC_3rd_flight Params before Test 4 - PSC changes.param (17.5 KB)

Thank you for your help.


Your BATT_ARM_VOLT is 44.3V - so any voltage below this will not allow you to arm.

Yes that is correct. I do not see any problem here. 12S system is 50.4V fully charged (not HV LiPols) and 43.2V is what I consider critical for various safety reasons. 44.3V for BATT_ARM_VOLT is minimum for testing now. I am getting the BAD BATTERY error for any voltage down to about 24V when the error disapperas and the battery is considered full by the FC.

Thank you for looking into the problem.


Can you share a log?


Yes the log is attached bellow. In the meantime I found new (strange) things.

First of all, according to official the documentation from Spectreworks for the Kore board Kore v 1.3.1 board Power monitor , they call for BATT_VOLT_PIN = 2 and BATT_CURR_PIN = 3 . With these settings I am getting the “BAD BATTERY” error even though all readings are correct and within range. As I mentioned earlier, when I lower the input voltage to about 24V on a lab PSU the error goes away and the Mission Planner HUD battery indicator goes green, even though all voltages are out of the limits, which in itself is quite strange. When I change the BATT_VOLT_PIN = 14 and BATT_CURR_PIN = 15 (which is setting for CubeOrange) the readings are still correct and the error BAD BATTERY goes away. Everything looks like is working fine, except I start getting random errors of VOLTAGE BELLOW CRITICAL from the FC during flight and the FC will go to LAND IMMIDIATELLY as set in FS_CRT_ACT parametr. The problem is that the voltage never went bellow critical. Even after FC restart I am getting the “PreArm: Battery failsafe” and I cannot arm. I am getting this error even though:

  1. Voltage level is OK as reported by the FC and measured with multimeter
  2. ARMING_CHECK = 537848 (Battery Level is disabled)

I have tested this on multiple Kore boards and multiple Cube Orange FC . All behave the same.

Here are attached some files:

Current parameters:
Albatross_TXR_Stable_Tune_NOAUTOTUNE.param (17.5 KB)

Flight log with bogus failsafe to LAND due to battery votage and battery failsafe after:
2023-04-06 17-07-59.bin - Flight log with battery failsafe

HUD Screenshot with battery failsafe and votages:

Thank you for help !