Persistant Compass Variance

I’m having a rough time getting rid of “Compass Variance” warnings during flight. When I click on the EKF, the Compass bar is red and topped out. The compass calibration completes without a problem, but then we fly and the variance warning appears again during the entire flight.

I tried to disable the internal compass, by setting COMPASS_USE=0 and COMPASS_USE2=1

This was assuming COMPASS_USE is internal and COMPASS_USE2 is external. Can someone please confirm which is which from this screen? I’m not sure I’m reading it right.

Many thanks

if I’m not mistaken, the UAVCAN is the external compass, I also have a problem with my compass, when the plane accelerates, the battery discharge generates a magnetic field that interferes with the compass, I don’t know how to smooth it out.

You might try running a “magfit”.

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I had the same problem couple weeks ago asking something similar. You try runing the throttle/interference to see if your compass is affected by anything first. Could be the position of your compass too near power cable or anything magnetic

Thanks, we made sure no high current cables run near the compass. Will try to identify if it’s the motors.