Permanent Autotune


I wonder, if it is possible to use the autotune procedure when flying the aircraft in a autonomous mode?

Background: I just moved on a farm and I want to build a plane that I can use when there is a fire. Since I do not want to bother with a remote during that time? I want to use it always in an autonomous mode. I do not want to hustle and put an RC in it and fly it, so I would need to either manually tune the PIDs or use autotune in an autonomous mode.

Regards Oliver

I know, that you guys recommend to always use a remote.

Once you do a successful autotune, those PID values are used on both autonomous and semi-autonomous modes. After the calibration and tuning process, you can fly your vehicle without an RC transmitter.

You’ll need a remote to do the initial set up. Autotune works off FBWA so AFAIK you can’t do an autonomous autotune. But once the plane is setup you can re-configure it to work without an RC. That said, it might be easy/faster to keep the RC to trigger flight modes and arming, rather than booting up GCS if you’re in a hurry.