Periodic speech messages in Tower App

I have not used my APM Quad for a couple of months and whilst the Tower app has previously given me speech outputs of battery voltage etc. every 30 seconds it now does not report anything whilst flying. I do get the speech output when changing modes or when I get a 3D GPS lock so the speech output is working. I have tried on my phone running on Lollipop and my tablet on Jellybean and whilst both show the info including battery voltage on the screen neither report it via the speech output. I connect to the APM via bluetooth. My minim OSD has all the info displayed as well but I like the speech output of the Tower app when I am flying LOS.

Does anybody else have the same problem?

Did you check the speech box in settings?

It did work but now it does not or more correctly, did not. The quad is in bits being modified so I currently cannot test anything.

+I came across nearly similar problem… before my Samsung tabloid was automatically upgraded its Android to V5.1.1 , there was no problem with speech output. Now both the Droid Planner and Tower have no speech output. When I open either Droid Planner or Tower, a message as follow shows :–