Performance Management Logs INSErr and INAVErr

Performance Management Logs INSErr and INAVErr

Does anyone know what these values represent?

I have looked in the WiKi and cannot find a reference, searching Google provides only one thread to PM_INSErr but does not seem to explain what it is or how to decode it. INAVErr only provides FMT hits.

I have some Datalogs that have values in these fields, other logs just have zeros.

Ardu Version: V3.1.2 Build: (ddd4d881)
Ardu Type: ArduCopter

PM_INSErr = 10240

PM_INAVErr has a starting value of 47 and then goes 94, 99, 108, 117, 135, 140, 155, 160, 165, 183, 193, 217, 243, 255 and remains as that seems to be the highest point allowed. Some logs jump straight to 255. Is there cause for concern or should this be ignored?

How do we break down the data, what does it mean?



Does anyone out there know what these are?

I am writing a Log Analyzer walk through logs detailing all the events as they happen.

So far, these two parameters have me stumped in terms of whether the user should be made aware of them.

You can check out the tool by visiting this thread: