Perfecting the reverse thrust landing

So today I did some more experimenting with reverse thrust landing and am wondering if anyone else has experimented with reverse thrust landings without a LIDAR. I think the LIDAR will help greatly, however, I find the preflare without the LIDAR to be very unnecessary so far. I am going to experiment without it as the angle I am coming in on (About 50 degree drop) is no issue to keep the plane at the landing speed. The pre-flare seems to trigger too soon and with the baro drift it ends up wanting to land 5-10 meters off the ground and wanting to stall itself.

I’ll report back when I experiment some more, would love to hear others experiences with the reverse thrust landings, both with and without the LIDAR. With the LIDAR i’m sure it’s really impressive.

Why not using an optical flow like ebee use?
Unfortunately, optical flow is not integrated in arduplane but it should be an improvement