PDB and power module for 10S 【Needs further information please help】


I got stuck on finding a power system for powering Pixhawk 6X and several servo by 10S 20000Ah Lipo. What power system (maybe including PDB, powermodule and BEC) is compatible to these requirements? Any information would be helpful.
Thank you

There is the Holybro PM07 and you would need another BEC to power the servos.
And possibly the Mateksys XCLASS PDB FCHUB-12S

Mateksys also have BECs specifically for powering servos

Sorry but the burst current rating of PM07D is 140A, but my motor totally uses 240A. Is there any way to solve this?

Mauch current and voltage sensors.
With those Hall sensors for current, there is one that reads up to 200 amps (for example) but it is not phsyically limited to passing only 200 amps, like a shunt resistor type of sensor would be. The Mauch/Hall sensors can usually pass more current than they can measure for a short time.

Second the Mauch hardware. It’s my first choice for higher current applications.

Mauch sensors seems nice.
Since, my battery is 6awg, can I change wire from 10awg to 6awg by just un-solder 10awg and solder 6awg?

You can order the HS-200-HV with #8 wire , for example. There wont be much difference between those wire gauges if the lengths of wire are short.

Otherwise you would have to change the wires over by soldering.

What exactly is a short length? Like 4 inchs?

Yes, that is probably OK.
Once you get to that sized wire, the wire cross-sectional area is unlikely to be your limiting factor in relation to small UAS. Connectors, any connector whatever the size or advertised rating, will be significant too - and probably other things like your soldering and thickness of tracks on circuit boards.

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