PC to raspberry pi long range data link

Hi guys,
Recently I have started working on a drone with a raspberry pi on board, and a PC as a ground station.
I am looking for hardware I can connect to both the raspberry and the PC (preferably with USB), to achieve long range- at least 400 meters two-way (duplex) communication.

Thank you!

Is the communication link just for telemetry and control? In which case the standard 3DR style SiK telemetry radios will do the job and range is easily much more than 400m.


Is the pi actually doing onboard processing of video data or similar? What sort of bandwidth do you require?

The data link should be both for sending commands to the drone and retrieving telemetry and video stream.

I am looking for dongles which can easily connect to both the pi and the PC, and the send/receive commands can be programmed in python/Any C.

Thanks for the quick response!

You should check out OpenHD project.
Especially if you have a pi onboard already this is the Best !
It covers all your needs :slightly_smiling_face:

Greeting CG