Payload Place (package delivery) with Servo Gripper

I’m trying to do and Auto run with Payload Place. I’m using Mission Planner and Copter 3.5 on Pixhawk, I’ve set up per the web page on Servo Gripper using Aux Out 1 etc. This is all great, but how does one change the servo to Open before the mission to insert the drop ring, then Close to attach the payload. I’ve tried various combinations of RC7 Pass through etc, but it won’t let me do that And set up a Gripper for Auto mode.

There’s a sad story under Electro Permanent Magnet Gripper saying you can’t do this kind of control unless you take Mission Planner out to the field with you. Have I missed something?

Problem solved. I changed the Ring that fits into the servo grab/release mechanism to a Hook. The mechanism comes back from Auto mission in Open position. Upon re-plugging the battery, the mechanism goes to Neutral position (which is closed enough). Then I can attach the next pizza box.

I’m glad you solved the problem. Can you summarize how this unloading works? For example, which parameters should I set for 3 servo load tasks?